Why relocate to Dubai for work?

Why relocate to Dubai for work?

Want to relocate to Dubai for work?

(take note of these things first)

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Pros to consider -

  1. no income tax

  2. attractive salaries

  3. high growth potential

  4. huge networking opportunity

  5. cleanliness, safety and security

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Cons to consider -

  • schools are $$$

  • job markets saturated

  • roads can be very congested

  • a car is non-negotiable for most

  • the cost of living is on the higher end

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Everywhere will have its ups and downs…

But Dubai is great - and it’s only getting better.

I post advanced support every day for people who want to land their next role in the UAE or KSA 👋 Remember, your job search should take 2-4 weeks.

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