Advice from a senior exec at Amazon

Advice from a senior exec at Amazon

6 things job seekers MUST know.

I helped a senior tech director land a job at Amazon,

We got to chatting, and he said a few things that I’ve decided to share on todays post 💁♂️

Here are 6 words of advice he’s given to jobseekers:

  1. your resume is everything, there’s nothing else for us to go off until we meet you.

  2. technical ability is important, but commercial and emotional intelligence are gold.

  3. only a very small portion of resumes make it to human review, keep it short, remove all the fluff.

  4. reach out to members of the team on LinkedIn and introduce yourself, proactive > reactive.

  5. we do hire internally, but we endeavour to bring fresh faces and new ideas into the fold.

  6. salary offerings have no correlation with your nationality or any other perceived biases.

These points were specifically highlighted for job seekers in the UAE & KSA, but are applicable to everyone 🎯

Remember, your job search should take 2-4 weeks.

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